Setting up super the right way


To many Australians, engaging with their corporate super is simply not on their list. They'd rather be doing something more fun, like backflips into the ocean. First time users of the BT Corporate Super platform were logging in once, then disappearing off the radar. In the process, they were missing vital profile engagements - confirming an appropriate level of insurance cover, adding their TFN, finding lost super and redeeming a variety of member benefits.


Talking to customers and mapping out their existing  journey unearthed a number of key opportunities to clearly direct them to vital engagements. A refreshed home screen was designed with a prominent onboarding panel to enable first time users to easily complete their profile.


A progress indicator provided a visual cue to prompt users to discover and tick off important profile tasks.


Most customers didn't actually know that there was a time limit on confirming their insurance or that they may not even have adequate cover. So we designed a countdown to create some urgency around reviewing their cover.


SuperCheck is a valuable tool that helps customers discover potentially lost super funds. Previously harder to discover, it was brought to the forefront and allowed simple consolidation of super if lost founds were found.


A new insurance calculator was designed to reduce the previous manual effort in calculation for customers. After discovering their adequate level of cover, confirming it was a simple 3-step online process.

More reasons to return

First time users were inspired to become tenth, twentieth, hundredth time users through a newly designed promotional panel that showcased additional value for corporate super members. New tools, offers and benefits are planned to be revealed quarterly to give customers a reason to log back in.


New opportunities defined from gaining true empathy for customers