Simplifying travel money


Flip over your Frequent Flyer card and it instantly becomes Qantas Cash - a travel money card. Research showed that most customers were either unaware of this dual purpose or confused by the newly launched Qantas Money Credit Card platform. Cash? Money? What's the difference? Additionally, loyal customers who used a Qantas Cash card and Qantas Money credit card were becoming increasingly frustrated because they had to use two seperate apps.


Through analysis of existing and new customer research, an opportunity arose to simplify the Qantas Cash experience by integrating it into the Qantas Money platform. This also provided the business with a new opportunity to introduce millions of Qantas Cash customers to other products, revealing value they had never seen before.


A new Qantas Money product experience was refined into a single app, dramatically simplifying the process for loyal customers with multiple products. Rigorous user research ensured that legacy Qantas Cash customers found the new experience familiar, but got excited by new features that add further value to their travels.


The app dashboard was redesigned to be more scalable and allow for easy integration of future products. Aspirational travel imagery was discoverable on pull down to showcase travel destinations and also flight specials.

An evolution of this feature was planned to allow Qantas Frequent Flyers who were avid travel photographers to showcase their work within a curated gallery. If selected to feature they would be awarded frequent flyer points.


The Qantas Cash brand proposition was simplified and rebranded to Qantas Travel Money. A new marketing page was designed for the Qantas Money website to showcase the new proposition.


New opportunities defined from gaining true empathy for customers